Thursday, December 30, 2010

2 by 2

Week 2 challenge from  CZT Laura Harms is 2 Pencil String.  The challenge is open to every Zentangle devotee - details are on Laura's blog here  I Am The Diva.  Margaret Bremner  CZT describes the 2 Pencil technique on her blog here Enthusiastic Artist

This challenge was exactly that - a challenge.  I often don't work with a string so that was a challenge. I tend to do pretty dense tangles so the string kept getting lost in the tangle.  I also use a lot of tangles that have multiple line borders so coming up with different tangles was another challenge.  Even though I didn't set out to have such bold borders - every time I sat down to work on this challenge that was what the tangle wanted to be - after fighting that for awhile I finally gave in or I never would have completed any.

These two that I did manage to finish don't really excite me but I've learned over the years with other artwork that it's not always about what I like - somewhere out there is someone that will like it.

 Week 2 Challenge - 2 Pencil String
 click on image for larger view


Lone Creature said...

both pieces are quite fascinating to look at...I like the number '2' in the second took me a while to spot it :D I love the betweed in the first one and the arches that border the corners.

Genevieve said...

Nice! Great use of Betweed.

HeatherCheryl said...

Your strings are so nice! I like the 2 and it makes me wonder if we can hide subliminal messages in our tangles. I see the 2 but it appears and disappears. Cool!

Createology said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog. I am happy to now follow yours. I really like your "simplicity" tangle. I also really admire your tangle pattern cards you have made. Happy tangling...

stART said...

Just love those border patterns... yummy!

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