Saturday, March 3, 2012

Diva Challenge 60 DuoTangle v.III

The challenge - use only the two tangle patterns  Cirquital found here and Munchin, found here

Definitely a challenge but a fun one.  I've used Munchin quite a bit but Cirquital not so much.  It's finished for now but I think it still needs something - just not sure what - maybe some white dots on the black or more shading.  Any suggestions?

click image for larger view


Pennyb said...

I agree there's something missing....dots in the "fangs" would well, I think! I like it, it's different!

Archeress said...

Our Zentangles for this pattern are very simular (surprise, surprise!) though I like how your's turned out better. I did play with the white pen a little bit on my in the black areas. Perhaps lining the fangs with small white dots would add a little something.

ledenzer said...

Interwoven beauty!

Anonymous said...

What about a thin black border, or shading around the outside? Would maybe contribute to the depth perception of munchin being on top

Don W

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