Monday, June 18, 2012

Zendala Dare #10

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What do you know, I'm getting this week's dare posted before the last minute and I'm finally caught up with completing past dares.  While I do enjoy working on the Zendalas, the process is different from a standard Zentangle.   The symmetry of the Zendala templates presents a different challenge.  Instead of just winging it with selecting patterns as I would with a standard tile, I've completed the first 10 staying true to a symmetry with the patterns.  Seems to require a bit more thinking and planning.  That's not a bad thing just different.  There are no rules so I could go free form just have not allowed myself to do that yet.  It's interesting that I would notice and maybe find this a bit "nudgy" since I very much like balance and symmetry.  Just one of the ways that Zentangle has changed things up for me?

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Zendala Dare #10

Zendala Dare #6

Zendala Dare #7

Zendala Dare #8


Anonymous said...

They are all so beautiful. You did a great job.

Annemarie Huijts

Cathy said...

They ARE all so beautiful. Your work is so rich with details.

Fifi said...

love no. 6 and 7

Karen Lynn said...

Wonderful zendalas! I especially like #6, but they're all really lovely.

The process is really different than a regular zentangle. I really like doing both now, even though I wasn't too sure about the zendalas at first. They do require more planning, but once you start, there's a lot of repetition, which can be very relaxing.

LyndaKay said...


Genie said...

Love them all!! I wonder how a few of your tangles are done especially the ones in Dare #8. Will have to look closer when I'm not so tired. You done good. :)

ledenzer said...

Thank you for sharing your 4 fantastic tiles!

Amma said...

I love all four of your Zendalas.

Alice said...

wow! i love the last one especially! those whirly-vortex circles look like a lot of fun to draw!

Anonymous said...

Look great. Really like nos. 6 & 8. Have not tried any Zenalas yet.


Rachael said...

Thanks for your nice comment! Love your tangles! I'm still trying to figure out the zentangle challenges. Looks like lots of fun. =)

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