Wednesday, June 4, 2014

I'm Ba-a-a-a-ck

If you are looking for the Diva Challenge 170 photos and you don't want to read through a long post on my recent travel adventure feel free to scroll to the end for the photos.

Such a poor neglected blog, but I have mostly good reasons for the silence.  I was off traveling on a 5+ week adventure.  While I did have plans to post from the road that part did not happen - having too much fun, lack of blog worthy photos and less than stellar internet connections via my iPad.

The trip started the end of April, I flew to Portland, ME for Tangle U - my first time attending.  Highlights - with 110 CZTs in attendance so much creative energy flowing all weekend long - taking it all in - amazing and fun.  It was also fun reconnecting with a few classmates from Seminar 4 and also meeting so many other folks that I've only known online via their websites.  Sandy's CZT Trading cards were a hit and so helpful to connect names with faces.

With so many folks in attendance from Seminar 10 (a hoot of a group) and others that follow my brother's blog I had to make a slight change to my name tag.

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One downside was the snafu that prevented Margaret Bremner from attending - was so looking forward to meeting her - absolutely love her work.  The disappointment was eased somewhat by receiving not one but two of her tiles in the Missing You and Ensemble swaps.  How lucky can you get!  Thank you Margaret for participating in the swaps!

Next after a short bus ride from Portland to the Boston Amtrak station I was on the train to Ohio for visits with family and friends.  Mom's place was home base for catching up with relatives and long time friends, plus a weekend trip to visit my brother's family.  Missed out on seeing them the last time back - had a great time visiting with nieces and nephew and their spouses and children.  In addition to seeing how much the 3 grand nieces had grown since I last saw them I got to meet 3 new little cuties that have since joined the family.  Also a fun shout out to my sister-in-law who always willingly accommodates whatever dietary plan I'm following.  This time she managed to do it perfectly before I'd even had a chance to fill her in on the details, ESP works well and the email exchange was priceless, made my day - thanks Lori.  Oh and I won the bet going away!

Spent a few days in Columbus visiting friends I've known for 40 years - how great is it when you can get together after many years and it's as if you saw each other last week - never missing a beat, great conversation and so easy and comfortable just being together.

My cousin Dianne picked me up in Columbus and we along with Cris of TangledUpInArt drove over to southern Indiana joining 20 others for CZT Hideaway 2014.  OMG!!!! what fantastic weekend of tangling, relaxing and meeting more CZTs, but the best thing about it - besides meeting Angie and Lesley, the two awesome CZT's that organized the retreat, was sharing it with brother Donald and cousin Dianne - the first time we've been together since they became CZTs.  The weekend went by so fast - would have gladly stayed there a whole week, will definitely attend this event again.

Angie  Dianne  Me  Donald  Lesley

Hitched a ride back to Indianapolis with my brother - bright and early the next morning was on the train home to San Diego.  There was one other fun event planned for the hour layover in Albuquerque, NM.  Dennie and her sister, both CZTs I'd met at last October's Viva Zentangle retreat in Nevada, were going to come down and meet me at the train station - however as the train was running quite a bit behind schedule we couldn't make it happen.  The good news is I'll get to see them at Tangle U next year which will be in Santa Fe.

It was a great trip but it sure is nice to be home!

Diva Challenge #170 - UMT - Bugles

Lately I've been having fun with with Found Poetry/Prose ZIAs.  I usually do a standard tile for the challenges but was having a hard time getting started with one this time so decided to do another Found Poetry ZIA.  I'm  going to be teaching a class on it in July so it will be nice to have a few more samples to share.

 Tangles used: bugles, quabog, fescu and riverstones

 Just another one I did recently - I actually found 3 poems from this one page but have not completed the tangles on the other two - I think I'm hooked.

 Tangles used: mssst, printemps, dooleedo, angel fish, shattuck co2, and heartvine


jeanchaneyaz said...

I love that you shared all about your adventure. I was especially pleased to see a picture of you and your brother. You know how you get an image in your head and now I see how wrong my image was HAHA! (You had very long hair and Donald had red hair!) I always have a fondness for you because you turned me on to Evernote which I LOVE, and your brother is always so kind and thoughtful in his comments on challenges. I'm so glad you got to go to Tangle U and I hope to meet you myself one day. Oh, and your found poetry is wonderful too.

Jennifer Hohensteiner said...

Love your found poetry very much - both the texts you found and how you augmented them with tangles. Bugles looks just perfect on that page.

orange said...

I haven't heard of found poetry - what an interesting idea and how beautifully you've decorated them. Jaw-dropping!

Shelly Beauch said...

Loved reading about your adventures Suzanne, welcome back!
Beaut bugles too. Fabulously fun 'found poetry'! What a super concept.

Ragged Ray said...

I love the idea of using Zentangle to make found poetry. I still see myself as a learner at the art, but hope when I feel more confident with it that I can break it out of the box (tile) and use it in other ways. And this will be up there, all things poetry and alternative poetry appeal to me. Thanks for visiting my blog too!

Sue Clark said...

What a wonderful trip! It had to be so special to meet so many CZT's at both events and all the great family time too! Maybe I will see you at next year's Tangle U in Santa Fe. Love your found poetry!

CharKat said...

You have been busy lately! Cool Stuff!

Joyce Evans said...

Thank you for using my tangle, Bugles. That is a unique way of using the tangle. I like the idea of found poetry and Zentangle. I will be watching for more.

Unknown said...

Love the found poetry bugles. Thanks for a great story about your adventures and two great pieces of tangled poetry.

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