Thursday, January 20, 2011

Zentangle Name Challenge

Tangle Your Name was a challenge recently posted on TanglePatterns .  The challenge was to take the letters of your name and use official tangles - those that started with the letters of your name - and create your Zentangle.  Turned out to be a rather interesting challenge - it provided the opportunity to use some tangle patterns I haven't used before.   It was also a challenging to create a seven chambered string - I ended up abandoning the string and created it on the fly.

Tangles used - Sampson, Umble, Zander, Ahh, Nekton, Nipa and Emingle

 Name Challenge

 click on image for larger view


Anonymous said...

Lovely! You look like a very centered person Suzanne ;-) It's interesting how many people enjoyed using tangle patterns they hadn't used before. And thanks for following my "rules" about using only official patterns, I thought it would be a good way for people to become familiar with them.
Cheers, Linda

Sue Clark said...

Lovely tile! I love how the center leaps out at you-very nice!

Unknown said...

Nice patterns and I like that you didn't use a string at all. I might try this one again.

kimberley margarette said...

hmm.. i think i missed the part about using official tangles LOL. Great tile!

stART said...

Wonderful - I really like it.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing, even after seeing a few pieces using the same patterns, how very unique and wonderful each tile is. Nice job :)

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