Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Zentangle Ornaments

Could not post these before or it might have ruined the surprise of the gift.  Every year I always have such grand plans to make a lot of ornaments for gifts.  The problem is that I should start in July but that never happens so I end up, late in the year, making a few and rotating who receives them each year.  I found a nice selection of blanks that were suitable for woodburning at Woodcrafters.

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Friday, December 16, 2011

Diva Challenge #52 - Give

This challenge, #52 marks one year for the Diva Challenges.  The challenge appropriately enough, for this time of year, is Give. We are to make a Zentangle or ZIA piece to give away.  Perfect timing for me as I had just started working on a ZIA that will be going to a friend in Virginia.

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The photo above is the lid of a scallop box before it's folded - completed ZIA box is below.

The template for the scallop box is available for download from  Mirkwood Designs 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Zentangle Display Options

How do you display your  Zentangles?   So many creative things you can do - mount on mats, frame them with or without mats,  mount on folded cardstock for a tent display - the possibilities are endless.

For a quick no muss option I recently came across two items marketed for different purposes but work great for displaying Zentangles.  They also make a nice way to gift a Zentangle.  Relevant links for the products are at the end of this post.  Disclaimer - not associated with either product just a happy customer.   You can find the most interesting things - ignoring sleep and chasing shiny things around the internet!

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First one up - doesn't look like much from a full on front view - a 4" black square

The surprise is revealed when you look at the backside.  It's a small easel with a hinged support stand for tabletop display or use the small ring for hanging on a wall. 

Mounting the 3.5" Zentangle tile on the 4" easel 
provides a slim black border to frame your work.

The second find - marketed in the photography world - Snapshot Dot.  It's a small 2" flexible silicone disk.  Comes in 5 colors.  While the blue, green and translucent ones worked well for photos and other things, I preferred the black and white ones for displaying Zentangles.

I like the black disk best for Zentangles

The white one comes in a close second -  especially
 for the dense and darker Zentangles I so often make.

Before my order arrived I thought I would like the translucent best - it works well for photos and other things but I found with a Zentangle the way it absorbed and then reflected the light was a bit distracting - it caught my eye first.  Whereas with the black and white I barely noticed they were there.

The Snapshot Dot is simple to use just bend and insert the tile.  The design of the open zig zag channel provides a very gentle support and does not pinch or bend the tile.  I really like these little gizmos - they appeal to the gadget geek in me. I'm already finding  many other uses for them.

Easel Purchase Info

The easels I found at a sublimation printing company called BestBlanks . The item name Spanish Leather Frame Back for 4.5" tile.  The company sells a variety of blanks for sublimation printing.  The easel (Frame Back) is sold as an accessory to mount ceramic tiles for display.  It's a fun site to explore as they sell a variety of blanks that are suitable for Zentangle Inspired Art.  The first two photos in my Gallery 2  are items I used from BestBlanks - a jewelry box with a ceramic tile top and a small desk clock.

Two ways to purchase Snapshot Dots

The Snapshot Dot are the creation of  anklopf designs out of Brooklyn NY -  the photos of the 5 dots and instructions used courtesy of anklopf designs.  I've had the pleasure to exchange several emails with the developer - appreciate his creativity and responsiveness

PhotoJoJo Store - a great site to explore if you are or know a photo enthusiast.  Snapshot Dots are sold in 5 packs for $12 or 2 packs for $20.  Photojojo  only offers the multi-color packs.  If you want to order single color packs you will need to purchase directly from the developer.

anklopf designs  - you may order the 5 packs in single colors - or you may contact the developer for bulk order quantity and pricing.  He also offers the option to go green and place orders for just the Snapshot Dots without the packaging.


Friday, December 2, 2011

Diva Challenge #50 - Biggify

"This week's challenge is to push your comfort zone and biggify your tangles. Don't biggify your canvas, try sticking to the size you generally work on to get the full effect - so if you work on tiles, biggify on a tile. If you work in your journal, biggify in your journal. Put your toe over that line and test the waters." said the Diva

Definitely and interesting challenge as I usually create zentangles on the standard tiles. About the only time I draw large is when I'm teaching a class - drawing on large pad on an easel. Not quite the same.

Onamato and Gneiss appeared on the tile first but it took several attempts and false starts to finally settle on Meer as the final pattern. Shading was an added challenge. Have a couple of other Biggified tiles almost completed - feeling a little stumped on the shading.

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