Thursday, December 30, 2010

2 by 2

Week 2 challenge from  CZT Laura Harms is 2 Pencil String.  The challenge is open to every Zentangle devotee - details are on Laura's blog here  I Am The Diva.  Margaret Bremner  CZT describes the 2 Pencil technique on her blog here Enthusiastic Artist

This challenge was exactly that - a challenge.  I often don't work with a string so that was a challenge. I tend to do pretty dense tangles so the string kept getting lost in the tangle.  I also use a lot of tangles that have multiple line borders so coming up with different tangles was another challenge.  Even though I didn't set out to have such bold borders - every time I sat down to work on this challenge that was what the tangle wanted to be - after fighting that for awhile I finally gave in or I never would have completed any.

These two that I did manage to finish don't really excite me but I've learned over the years with other artwork that it's not always about what I like - somewhere out there is someone that will like it.

 Week 2 Challenge - 2 Pencil String
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Tuesday, December 21, 2010


A fellow CZT Laura Harms is hosting a weekly Zentangle challenge open to anyone that wishes to join in.  You can find more details and follow each weeks challenge on her blog I Am The Diva.

Simplicity is the challenge for this week - "How does this word speak to you, and how do you translate it into Zentangle®?"

Sounds simple enough to do - then again maybe not.  My first thought was to use just one tangle - what could be easier (simple) than that.  After a few attempts working with just one tangle it was pretty clear that I needed to redefine my idea of simplicity - at least as far as a Zentangle was concerned.

I was over thinking things - never the best idea - so instead decided to look at some of my other tiles hoping for inspiration. Oops, I tend to use lots of tangles in each one and very often work right out to the edge of the tile.  Not finding simplicity there, decided I just needed to clear my mind and start over.   Spending a little time quietly watching outside my window as the steadily falling liquid sunshine washed the dry season dust from the plants was just what I needed.

The translation of the challenge for me - use less than 5 tangles and work on a small portion of the tile. Oh, and a splash of inspiration from Mother Nature.

Simplicity Zentangle

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holiday Zentangle

A little holiday cheer - Zentangle style.

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Pyrographic Zentangles

Pyrography has always been a meditative art form for me - I often lose all track of time with a hot pen in hand.  While I love tangling with black pen on paper - tangling with a pyro pen is an added joy.

Woodburned Candleholders

 (click image for larger view)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

PoBox Clock

The creator of the HumanClock is now working on the PoBox Clock.  When you select your time increment you'll receive the address to ship to and your due date to preserve the time you selected.  My time?  It was a very good year ;>)

 (click image for larger view)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Back Home

The CZT seminar - what an amazing experience -  Zentangle immersion, meeting wonderful artists from all over the world and making new friends.  Yes,  I am now a fully Certified Zentangle Teacher - CZT.

Took some time after the seminar to visit family and friends in the Midwest and then enjoyed a nice leisurely train ride across the country to return home. I've so neglected this blog, but I'm back home and ready to go, creating Zentangles - will be posting photos soon - still learning the new camera.  I'm also exploring venues where I might teach Zentangle classes.  If you have any suggestions of suitable places in the San Diego area I would love to hear from you.

The Zentangle Classes tab  - it's new - it's a start on what I will be offering - more details and schedule coming soon.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I thought this day would never come but yes I finally made it to Whitinsville for the CZT Training Seminar.  The train ride - a bit of an adventure.  The last leg from Chicago to Worcester the most problematic - for a variety reasons ended up being almost two hours late.  Thank goodness for the patience of Nancy and her husband who hung in there, picked me up and delivered me tired but safe and sound to Oakhurst late in the evening.

I did meet the three other folks that had already arrived, Jane and Andrea from Australia and Holly from Virginia - that is before we all needed to get some much needed sleep.  Now I'm off to explore the grounds a bit and head to the main house to see meet others as they arrive.

I'm so excited to be here - more later on the adventures of the week

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Organize Tangle Patterns

The more tangle patterns I acquire the greater the effort to keep them organized. I've tried several systems - printing out patterns, Sandy Bartholomew's ATC cards, different sized card templates of my own making and a variety of storage systems, sleeves, boxes and 3-ring binders. All of these have distinct pros and cons. I want something that is easily portable and convenient to access. After several starts and stops I think this latest attempt to get organized just might stick. Thanks go to several different folks for sharing their ideas in different forums and venues - I've incorporated and modified many of the best in this latest attempt.

A list of resource links is at the end of this post.

Since I have not been able to find a one-size-fits-all solution I'm using 2 methods – one electronic, one hands-on. Electronically I have several photo albums on my iPod Touch devoted to all things Zentangle – patterns, ideas for patterns, and photos of tiles mine and others. The photos were either scanned in or acquired using my favorite screen capture program SnagIt. Having all this at my fingertips wherever I go is really nice and a great way to share Zentangle with others.

Update August 2012:  on the Videos page here I've added two short videos showing some of the features of and how I use Snagit and Evernote to keep my tangle patterns organized.

Electronic Version Update April 2012:  I've added a new tool for my electronic stash - Evernote  There is a free and a premium (annual subscription) version.  The program allow me to "clip" images from the web, add tags and notes, organize in folders (notebooks) and the best part with synching the patterns are available on my laptop, my iTouch and on the website from any computer.  I still use Snagit when I want to modify or otherwise manipulate/optimize an image - and the latest version of Snagit allows for a direct output to Evernote.  Moving to Evernote has really simplified the steps for collecting new patterns.  Now instead of having to create separate databases to upload to the iTouch it's all handled seamlessly via the Evernote app.   Works in both the Mac and Windows world.

For the hands-on part I cut card stock into 2” squares, round the corners, punch a small hole for stringing later. Next step - draw the tangle on one side, draw a condensed set of instructions on the flip side for the more complex tangles, laminate the card, trim it re-punch the hole and then string them together.

Hands-On Version Update April 2012:   I still have my trusty 2" squares for hand-on but I now use 4 1/2" Pull Apart Rings to hold them.  The rings do not have the pinned hinge found on many rings found in office supply outlets.  Instead they have a connector that holds both ends of the ring that you pull apart to insert new cards.  I've found them a few places online but the best price I found is at CKI Wholesale Lock Supply 

A few photos of the hands-on option -

Laced together

Buttercup Tangle 
(from Totally Tangled)

Buttercup Instructions On Flip Side (Upper Left Card)

Resource Links
Sandy Bartholomew's Blog -  ATC cards
Organize Your Patterns  Thorough discussion on
blank pattern card templates  available to download also at

Margaret Bremner Enthusiastic Artist - great blog post sharing her methods for organizing tangle patterns - includes links to other blogs with organizing tips.

I'm a big fan of SnagIt a terrific screen capture program from TechSmith.  They have had a PC version for years and recently released a beta version for the Mac. I don't have any affiliation with them other than being a long-time and very satisfied user.

SnagIt - from TechSmith.  PC and Mac versions -  they offer a fully functioning 30 day trial download.  The PC version has been around a long time and has more bells and whistles but the cool thing about TechSmith - besides making user-friendly software.  When you purchase SnagIt you get a license that allows you to download and use both the PC and Mac versions.

Evernote -  Online organizing tool, "clip" images and/or text from websites, organize in notebooks, add tags and notes.  Your notebooks when synched are available on your computer, mobile device and on Evernote web from any computer.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Finally had time to experiment and with some of the box templates - fun projects but was reminded that glue and I are not on friendly terms - I end up with more on me than the project.  A quick trip to Paper Tales for some double sided craft tape solved that problem.  Most of the templates for the boxes below can be found at Mirkwood Designs - thanks to Karen who posted that link at Flickr.

If I'm going to keep this blog going I'm going to have to get a new camera - sorry for some of what looks like strange shading in the photos - discovered today that strange blobs of brown are appearing on my camera screen.  The boxes are fun so will post the photos to let you see them.  Will have to re-do them later.  Enjoy!

These are small boxes - 3'' to 5" - plan to experiment with making some a little larger.

(click on any photo to see a larger view) 

       Heart Box


      Scallop Box

      Pyramid Box

Friday, June 18, 2010

Paper Patterns for 3-D Shapes

One entry this past week on the  Zentangle blog was a zentangle on a paper pyramid.  The 3-D aspect was very nice.  In my search for a pattern I came across several sites with patterns and instructions for a variety of shapes.  Be prepared to spend a little time exploring as there is a wealth of information at most of the sites.  Enjoy.

Millwood Designs - Templates

Paper Models of Polyhedra

Paper and More

Things to Make and Do

Enchanted Learning

Off to print a few more patterns.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Zentangle in San Diego

So begins a new artistic adventure  - Zentangle.  About 6 months ago I had to give up a passion of the last 6 years - creating gourd art.  My lungs decided they would no longer tolerate the dust and mold that is ever present in working with gourds.  It was a difficult decision in that gourds introduced me to the artist I never knew lived within me and yet it was an easy decision in that I had no desire to compromise my health.

At first some of the grieving was thinking that I'd lost the artist as well - never having done anything very artistic before I found gourds.  I did finally right myself and realized the artist still lived.   I just didn't know what the art form would be - that is until I stumbled upon Zentangle - it was love at first sight!  It's been a wonderful adventure learning, exploring, creating and connecting online with other zentangle artists.

The most exciting news - in October I'll be attending a seminar in Massachusetts to become a CZT - Certified Zentangle Teacher.  I'm looking forward to teaching and sharing Zentangle with others.

If you want to explore the world of Zentangle please visit some of the amazing sites listed in links - you won't be disappointed.

Samples of my start with zentangle


Paradox Rox

Tangles used in a predefined shape

Woodburned - 6" birchwood square