Thursday, July 9, 2015

A Bit of This 'n That

This weeks Diva Challenge 225 - Add some color.  Color is always a challenge for me, I really like the simple beauty of Black and White plus I'm not very confident in my color skills and I don't have a lot of tools that help me incorporate color into my work.  That's been changing a bit lately but still a long way to go to find a comfort zone.

Kept this one simple and used my most favorite color combos, purple, gold and green.  

Diva Challenge 225 - Add Color

Dooledo, CO2, and Tipple 

I did this one for the last week's Diva Challenge 224, a monotangle using Tipple.  Didn't set out to do it in color. I'd started several tiles but wasn't inspired enough to finish any of them.  While cleaning out a cupboard I came across this circle scratch piece.  Tangling is always more fun than cleaning so just started playing with it by drawing a few circles and had an AHA moment to use it for the challenge - just never got around to posting it.

Things I've done in the last couple of weeks, mostly for posting in several Facebook groups.  Hope you enjoy the variety.

 Cadent variations, Keeko

 A couple of Munchin monotangles - one with rounding - wasn't sure I'd like it but rather pleased with the look - now to remember it the next time!


Last ones - a couple of Found Poetry pieces.

Truth once bewept,
Now speaks beyond measure

'tis well to think without delight
should one wish to not have the sun
give up the darkness
walk the hillside
as if in wonder
take delight in that place
repair there for the new day