Monday, July 16, 2012

Zendala Dare 14

My first thought when I saw the template for this week's dare - very small and this will be difficult - not enough to stop me just take a little pause before diving in.  Another first thought was seeing strings of beads.  Anyone that knows me knows I have a love hate relationship with beads.  I love them however the beads don't seem to care for me all that much.  I didn't intend a bead motif that's what appeared so I went with it.

Zendala Dare 14
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Still playing a little catch up with the dare - here is last week's entry.  The added element to Dare 13 - Play with Paper - the only rule was you cannot use the official Zentangle tile or Zendala paper.  For a fun read check out Erin's post on her love of all things paper here.  I pushed the outer edges of the envelope in my definition of paper - I woodburned the dare on a piece of basswood. 

The reason I've been so behind on completing the dares is that I  also participate in an annual swap with a group of online pyrographers.  All of those tiles were due July 1st so I've been spending most of my free time working on those.  Also, when I read Erin's post - it's an apt description of my love affair with wood that I can burn on.   I just used paper in it's hardest state for the dare.  It's the first tile and I've posted a few of the tiles I did for the swap.

Zendala Dare #13 Play with Paper

 A few additional tiles from the Woodburner Swap