Friday, January 16, 2015

Bi-Zen-Tennial Celebration

The Diva Challenge hits 200 this week - time to celebrate with "taking it to the edge" with our "mac 'n cheese" tangle.  I have a few favorites to choose from but decided to go with Hollibaugh as it's a pattern I did for 10 years on gourds before I even knew Zentangle existed.  It was hard to give up the gourd art but I found Zentangle a few months later and finding Hollibaugh there was comforting and welcoming.  It's so versatile, I love teaching it, and I love getting lost in it - truly a zen pattern for me.

Update: Reposting the tile with 200 added. I had included it early on when working the tangle but as the hollibaugh grew I'd blacked it in and then forgot to add it back. 

Those of you that strained to find it - sorry about that - it's there now!

Still woodburning - a new item - decorative wall hook 4" x 4" basswood.