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Zentangle Pattern - Betweed
Zentangle Pattern - Mooka
Zentangle Pattern - Auraknot
Master Class Part A
Master Class Part B

Helen Williams - Patterns   Scrolled Feather, Twirl, & Double Twirl

The videos below on Snagit and Evernote were made in response to questions from a couple of fellow CZTs.   The videos are one-shot wonders made using Snagit. There is no option to edit within Snagit so you may hear a few stutters, oops and an occasional throat clearing. These are not instructional videos per se instead, they illustrate some of the features that I find helpful in the quest to bring some organization to Zentangle patterns as well as the rest of my life!  Each video is about 15 minutes.

While the videos show Snagit and Evernote on a Mac both are available for PC.

Snagit Overview

Evernote Overview 

Newest video from Sakura on Zentangle as Community - Enjoy


Uncovering Pathways said...

I enjoy watching your videos. I have purchased Snag-it but find that your video makes it easier to understand how to use it. I keep coming back to watch the Snag-it & Evernote videos so I can get the most out of them. I am thankful for your making & sharing these videos.

Carol Graham said...

Great video on Evernote - thanks for doing that!

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