Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Zentangle Diva Challenge 181 Water

Water - it's an on-going topic of conversation and concern here in CA these days as we are experiencing yet again very severe drought conditions.  Some mandatory water conservation efforts are now in place.  Here in SoCal most of our water is imported from the Colorado river and to a lesser degree from northern California.  What little winter snow pack we have in SoCal mountains supplements that but there has been very little winter snow pack for the past few years so the reservoirs are quite low.

Instead of the seascape that I probably would have done I decided on rain as the inspiration for my tile. How many different ways could I represent rain - maybe if I draw enough of it the rains will come.  Aah, if only it were that simple.


Pop-Cloud, Msst, Printemps, CO2, Tipple, Sanibelle, Rain, Fescu,
Zinger, Lightening Bolt & one name that escapes me

I've also been doing a bit of woodburning.  Just ordered some fun bracelets and cuffs.  Right now I'm just in experimentation mode but if it works out will be adding them to my winter shows and maybe finally open the online shop instead of just threatening to do it!

Also on the woodburning front - I'll be teaching mini intro class - Woodburning 101 - click on the Zentangle Classes page at the top of the blog for the details.