Saturday, March 12, 2011

Diva's Challenge Week 12

Blue Rebellion

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I had a lot of resistance to completing this challenge - ended up waiting to the last minute to attempt it. I really did not want to use color - the part of me that needed to rebel completed the tile above. Once I had the that bit of rebellion out of my system I completed the second tile using blue paper.

The center is a combination of Hibred and Rick's Paradox, the outside edges were just created as I went along. Reminds me a bit of wire work. Will have to play with that one a bit more. The shading really changed it, unfortunately the photo does not do it justice.

Blue Paper

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Kit @ Dreamscribe said...

These are both beautiful! The 2nd one has such delicate 'lace work' - wow!! The first one - I ♥ lettering and tangling together. [smiling]

Sande said...

Blue rebellion is very funny! Once you got to it your blue one turned out very well.

/clh (Candy) said...

the "blue rebellion" is good and the one for the challenge, on the blue paper, is fab! Really came out nice. I say "came out" cause it seems to me that when I'm just sort of messing about, trying to learn the tangles, the final piece just sort of appears. Great inspiration!

Sue Clark said...

LOL-love your blue rebellion! I'm glad you did a 2nd one on blue paper because it is beautiful! Color is really hard to get comfortable with, isn't it! Glad I'm not the only one.

stART said...

You may have been reluctant to begin, but wow! You sure finished in good shape! Nice work, kiddo!

Daniele OBrien Design said...

Resistance does seems to be working for you! I especially like #2, the pattern is lovely.

coffeelizard said...

Loved'em Both for the differences..the one on blue background is stunning as it pulls you in ! The one using resist is playful. Thanks for inspiring us!

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