Saturday, July 16, 2011

Zentangle Challenge 30

Diva Challenge 30 - String Theory v. V Initialize brought to you by guest host  Christina Vandervlist at stART.

The challenge this week - use your first and last initial as the string.  Overlap the initials either script or block letters.  I tried several different layouts but nothing really appealed to me.   As block letters too may small areas hard to get a flow going - as script they just looked plain weird. I had the most trouble with the "W".   Time was running out when I finally stumbled on the combo in the image below - and then the patterns just got a bit out of control and odd.  When I started out I was hoping I might find the answer to my on-going search for a satisfying way to add my initials to my finished pieces  ;( still searching.

click image for larger view


Susan said...

This is lovely.

stART said...

You may be a bit dissatisfied, but I think it's lovely!

Sue Clark said...

Very pretty!

Margareth WALBECQ said...

vraiment sympa !

Carol Lawecki said...

Very Nice! I like how you have the circles trailing off the W.

kelly said...

Beautiful and inspired. Very Escher-like.
Be kind to yourself, remember that we are our own worst critics. I see nothing to critique here!

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