Saturday, January 21, 2012

Diva Challenge #54 - Purple Haze

Blackberry Surprise

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If purple is your favorite color how is it possible to not have a purple pen, pencil, or paint in the house?  When I finally got around to this week's challenge that is what I discovered - nothing in the house to add purple to the tile.  Well I did eventually come across an old purple ball point - of course the ink had dried up.  Too late to drive out to my studio to collect a pen or pencil.  Now what do I do?  As you can see I did find a way to add purple to the tangle - found it in a most unlikely place - then again I'm guessing before there was purple ink and pencils this mystery purple may have been a favorite of artists then.  The purple is the juice from a fresh blackberry residing in my refrigerator.  Pretty easy to just stamp and blot away on the tile.  I rather like the effect.

Just to have a bit more fun I took another tile and covered it in purple blackberry juice - waiting for it to dry - will tangle and post that one later.


Daniele OBrien Design said...

This is great, how wonderful to combine my two favorite things, food and Zentangles! Nicely done.

Sue Jacobs CZT said...

Blackberries! What a cool idea!!!

Nystanet Woolly I said...

I like that a lot! A nice way to be creative.

Daniella said...

Thank you so much for your kindness about my ZIA, but YOU are AMAZING!!!! I dream of making tangles like you!! I hope by doing this challenge I will get better. I joined last year and had to take a break with the holidays. So now I'm back, and happy to be meeting new tangle friends like you!
You are awesome!

Shelly Beauch said...

So much fun Suzanne, where there's a will there's away! Wonderful!

Erin said...

The blackberry idea is briliant!

KNM said...

Great idea. You must now be having a zentangle with a fruity perfume... Mmmmmmm !


Ang said...

What a super idea, and it turnd out great, love it!

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