Friday, July 5, 2013

Diva Challenge 125 UMT - Birdie Feet

The first challenge of the month is Use My Tangle and this week it's a tangle named Birdie Feet.  Had no idea how I might use this tangle, but I'd recently come across 2 other new patterns that I was itching to try.  I just made my challenge a little broader for me - use all three new to me tangles.  Technically 2 I have never used but the one while it's still a new tangle I did use it on one other project.  It's very detailed so I consider it still new as I need the practice.

click on image for larger view

I came across this tangleation step-out for Fiore posted by Debra Castaldi on her blog Mainely Tangles.  Oh My - my kind of tangle - look at all those lines!!!!!!   Fiore was posted on a few days before - I liked it a lot but before I could try it out I saw the tangleation and had to go their first.  (This is the second attempt pattern.)

Then I saw Fiddler  a new pattern by Lara Williams.  Love the high contrast values of Fiddler.  I drew the upright one first - no practice.  When I was finished it I was wishing I'd been a bit more focused as to spacing.  The second one went much better, but I still felt like I had not been as true to the pattern as I could have been.  Imagine my surprise when I went back to look at Lara's example and it was not as off kilter as I'd imagined.  While I still want to tighten it up a bit I'm pleased and will definitely be using these two patterns more

Birdie Feet used it as fringe around Fiddler - worked Ok but will have to think more about how best to use this one.


Anne's tangle blog said...

What a great idea ti use Birdie Feet like this. Your tile is beautiful.

LonettA said...

Beautiful tile! I like the way you used Birdie Feet as a border. Well done!

Anneke (Merry-Go-Round) said...

Lovely Birdie Feet, very original!! Fiddler looks great too, I'll try tomorrow!

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