Thursday, July 25, 2013

Catching up . . . again!

Lots of tangling just not a lot of posting lately.

Challenge 128 a repeat of the two pencil string technique.  Ugh - started out with so much potential, not sure when it went haywire but it did.  Following in Laura's steps of posting her first attempt - this is mine.  This one is destined for some added work may end up with pieces of it in a collage.  Added the vignette digitally to soften it a bit.

click on image for larger view

Challenge 127 - a duo tangle using the tangles Cirquital and Opus - definitely a challenge as these are two patterns that are not at the top of my list.  Cirqiutal - have not found the flow of this one, at least using it in a circle - just cannot find the spacing that I liked.  I have used the overlapping leaves in other shapes but for this challenge wanted to at least attempt the circle again - need the practice.  Opus is one of those mirrored patterns that most of the time I don't like my results but I've learned to never give up.  I had a lot more comfort using it in this tile. Will have to move it up the list and try to work it into other tiles.  Practice Practice Practice!

Challenge 126 was stencil fun - don't own any craft or design stencils but what's a stencil if not a template or pattern.  Don't remember what site had this template but there it was in my Snagit/Evernote folder just waiting for this challenge.  One of the great things about Zentangle - no matter what idea or image you may have in your head when you start out, the result is always a surprise.  When I started with this design I fully intended to fill in the spaces but when I finished the first part I really liked the simplicity and decided to stop and let it be.   For those of you that have followed this blog you know how strange that is for me - there's not a lot of open space in most of what I create - so have a laugh with me.  Simplicity reigns.

Are you tired of looking at images yet?  Here are a few more.  These are the postcard size (4"x6") that I did for a recent CZT swap - Mindful Postcards.  Any tangle we used had to start with one of the letters in Mindful.  One went to Australia and 3 went to the East coast.


1 Art Lady Kate, Tangles and More said...

Lots of beautiful work!

Anne's tangle blog said...

All beautful and a lot for us to look at.

LonettA said...

So lovely artworks!

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