Saturday, March 1, 2014

Diva Challenge 156 ... and a bit more

This week's challenge - try grid-based patterns on curvy or uneven grids - you can read about the inspiration for the challenge and view entries on the Diva's blog.

I'm quite fond of grid based patterns so this was a fun challenge. The first one I completed didn't turn out as curvy/uneven as I intended so decided to do a second one.  That's where things got interesting!   I keep a tray on my desk with blank tiles.  At the back of the tray I also keep tiles I started but never completed.  Often times the incomplete ones end up in this stack because I'm not liking how it looks or not sure how to finish it off or just feeling stuck.   It's amazing how often I can pull one of those tiles to work on and whatever was in the way before is gone and I end up with a completed tile.

When I decided to do the second tile for this challenge I was just reaching for a new blank tile - somehow the tray ended up turned around so instead the incompletes were now in the front of the tray.  Since I was seeing the back of the tile I didn't realized I'd pulled an incomplete until I turned it over.  It was a bit surprising but when I looked at the tile I'd pulled I realized I'd pulled the perfect tile for the curvy or in this case wonky grid challenge.  Unfortunately I didn't take a photo before I started working on it.

click on any image for larger view

Challenge 156 - Tile 1

Challenge 156 - Tile 2

When I re-started on this incomplete tile, the grid as Bridgen was completed and only 3 tangles had been added in the sections.  I don't recall when or what I'd set out to do with this tangle but when I saw it today it seemed perfect for the challenge.  I didn't do much shading as I didn't care for the graphite with the Sepia pen and didn't have a colored pencil that would have worked so I guess it's still a little incomplete.

It's a String Thing #29

Just discovered Adele Bruno's It's a String Thing  so gave that a try this week.  I was trying out a different pen - won't be using it again as it didn't give me as sharp a line and didn't scan well.

Zendala Dare #92

Haven't done a Zendala Dare in a while but managed to get this one completed - finished it a week ago but never got around to posting it until now.

 All I got for now!


Anne's tangle blog said...

Wow, what a lot of beautiful art. I think you did great with all of them.

Donald Wilka said...

Like just the shading on the stars in the zendala. I can never remember the name of the technique that you used in your first tile. I still have tended to stay away from it. I need to practice it more.

Katie C said...

Loving all your tiles and especially the zendala! It reminds me of Mayan or Incan designs.

LonettA said...

All are wonderful! Especially I like your zendala. It has a wonderful contrast!

dennie czt9 said...

These are all just great! I love the precision, that's my kind of tangle-ing. . . ! Looks like a couple of new tangle patterns in that first one. very nice

pam said...

These are all so beautiful. You make me want to get back to my pen and paper but with so many projects on needles and hooks these days, pen and paper are being sadly neglected. I am happy to enjoy your efforts however!!!

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