Saturday, June 21, 2014

Diva Challenge & String Thing

When I first saw the string for String Thing 45 this week I saw it as a woodburned piece so found a 4" x 4" piece and got started.  Mostly happy with it - would have preferred a bit more dimension on the inside but I'm OK as it is - it's always a good day when I can do a little pyrography.

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String Thing 45

Tangles: Dooleedo, Demi, and Dex

Completed last week's String Thing 44 a little too late to enter it.  Initially I stopped and thought it was finished in the first photo but the more I looked at it the more incomplete it felt.  It also didn't have much eye appeal for me - felt like the 'nzeppel was too big.  I let it sit for awhile and then decided to fill in the background.  It looks better but....  The reason I'm posting it is that it ended up fulfilling another challenge.

The Sketchbook Project folks have started another project called Challenge Accepted - this week it was to find an X and post it via one of their options.  It was down to the last day and I still had not found an X.  I have walking poles by Exerstrider and in desparation was going to cross those but before I got around to that I saw the String 44 tile on my work table and B.A.M!  I saw the X.  The whole time I'd been working on it I'd never seen the X.

String Thing 44

Tangles: 'Nzeppel and Navaho

Last is the Diva Challenge 172 - Duotangle  Auraknot and Mooka - love Auraknot but Mooka is another story - love it but have always been less than satisfied with mine.  The challenge for me this week was a vow to post it no matter how it turned out.  So here it is.  Actually it's one of my better efforts - discovered a couple of tricks that made a difference.  Gives me hope that with more practice I may learn to love my Mooka and stop avoiding it.


Lily Moon said...

All are beautiful but I really, really love the first one! Love the 3D effect on it. Like a wood engraving. Absolutely beautiful :)

Anne's tangle blog said...

I totally agree with Lily!!!

Annie Taylor said...

Beautiful work. All of them - great effects and lovely composition. Axxx

Donald Wilka said...

Like the wood burned piece. Hoping to have a little time to play with this technique in the next couple of weeks. Not sure it will happen but will see. Always love to see 'Nzeppel. Mooka is a tough one. I did some more experimenting with it.

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