Saturday, July 9, 2011

Challenge 29

Diva Challenge 29 - String Theory v. IV Creative Genesis brought to you by guest host  Sue Jacobs.

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 The challenge this week was to attach a weighted object to something that would act as a string - could be string, yarn, thread, ribbon etc. Then place the weight on the tile and let the string fall on the tile creating the string for this challenge.  I have an interesting relationship with strings.  I don't have a problem creating strings, I just don't end up following them all that much.  I select a starting area and the first tangle and it just grows from there.  That first tangle may not even stay within the bounds of that initially selected area.  Sometimes the string will dictate what comes next but more often than not it doesn't.

Right out of the gate this was a challenge.  I could not get the string to drop in anything other than just a clump on the tile.  I changed weights and string material - no success.   I finally removed the weight and just dropped the string - YEA -  I had a string on the tile I could use!

To remain true to the spirit of a string theory challenge I tried very hard to stay within the limits of the string.  I did manage to create tangles in the  three areas of the string and mostly stayed within the lines, but as you can see I could not leave it at that.  Oh well.


skjacobs said...

very nice! Thanks for playing!

Karen Woodbine said...

Nice choice and variety of tangles!

Shelly Beauch said...

Fun, groovy tile!

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