Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tripoli in Detail Tutorial and Diva Challenge 28

The Diva's Challenge this week is to use the newest official tangle Tripoli.

When I first started working with Tripoli I struggled with maintaining consistent size and spacing. Most of the time creating the first circle worked well.  Even the start of the second circle went fairly smoothly.  However without fail when I would get to step 9 (in the illustration below)  things would start to break down. 

First I was trying to draw one large triangle in the remaining spaces of the second circle.  If I kept the spacing between triangles the same I ended up with large out of proportion triangles. If I tried to keep the triangles the same size then the space between was larger, not consistent.  My first attempts at putting 2 triangles in the space did not go well either.

Not sure how or at what point but I had very bright light bulb moment - clarity with no doubt - one of those times where everything clicked into place and changed my whole approach to working the pattern.

The key - I was not seeing triangles I was seeing just the lines.

I decided to post the details of how I draw Tripoli after reading on several blogs that others were having some of the same issues.  Hope you find it helpful.

 click image for larger view or to print

1 - 2 - After drawing the initial triangle, the first leg of the next triangle is drawn parallel to the line of that first triangle. 

3 - In this step the line drawn next, for me, seems to be the easiest way to repeat and maintain a uniform size for the triangles. It also eliminates having to determine the correct angle if the outside edge leg had been drawn second.

4 - 5 Close the triangle and repeat 1 - 4 for the remaining triangles in this first circle.

6 - 8  Again - think lines - start the next triangle as a parallel line to the flat edge of the existing triangle followed by the other 2 legs.  Repeat all the way around the circle.

9  - Solving this step changed my whole perspective - instead of thinking/drawing a triangle the starting point is drawing 2 parallel lines that are an extension of the lines of the triangles in the first circle!

10 - Repeat step 9 to complete the second circle.

One note - Continuing to build out the circles from this point changes the structure slightly so the 2 parallel lines are not always the best option.  In that case just look for the next best option to start with a parallel line and you will be good to go.
Before filling in Tripoli - liking the simplicity of this - has a filigree look to it.

 After adding patterns - it's ok - really need to watch density - I do get carried away sometimes!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Suzanne! That is a great explanation. I like this tangle and have been sputtering around trying to get it right -- your thoughts will surely help! -- Candy

i am the diva said...

great Suzanne! i posted this link on my challenge page!

Majka said...

Thank you, Suzanne! This tangle was so frustrating, but you have made sense of it.

Daniele OBrien Design, CZT said...

A fun tile with lot's of movement. I feel like I'm at the parade with a lovely pinwheel! Your Tripoli tips are great.

Unknown said...

Wow Suzanne you made this SO MUCH EASIER!!!! I struggled with this all week, and after following your instructions my samples now look like they're supposed to. Thank you!! Thank you!!!

Sue Clark said...

Yahoo!! Thank you so much! I was getting stuck on step 9 also and now that I see the parallel lines I get it! I even ventured out past step 10 and it looks great. Thanks for taking the time to write these instructions. I have also been making my triangles too small and it's hard to get the different tangles inside them. Love your tile before and after!

Carol Bailey Floyd said...

Thank you for taking the time and patience to put together the directions for this. I appreciate that you approached this persistently until you got to your aha! moment, and then you shared. Hooray!

Kreanimo said...

Thanks for the extra explanations and congrats on the great tangle!

Estelle Goodnight said...

Oh thank you, thank you, thank you!! You wouldn't believe what my first attempts looked like. I finally figured it out, but your explanation helps even more. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Okami said...

this is wonderful - I'm having fun playing but none of mine have the right spacing - they are a little chaotic

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