Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Diva Challenge #63 - Fengle

Fengle is a new official tangle. The instructions were posted in the most recent Zentangle Newsletter here. Read more about the challenge at the Diva's site here.

I actually started but never finished this tile a while back when the CZT's were provided with the instructions. One thing I'm still pretty good at - taking a light flowing organic pattern and doing the opposite with it - lol. Oh, and I also don't know when to stop and leave well enough alone. I really like Fengle but will need to work with it a bit more to get the rhythm and flow. Have another tile started - just not ready to be posted.


Tangles: Fengle, Cadent/Dragonair combo, Purk, Arckles

For the Cadent/Dragonair combo I used a single row of Cadent and then added Dragonair on each side. Dragonair created by Norma Burnell CZT at Fairy Tangles. Arckles is a new pattern I've been working on - took longer to name it than create it. Instructions and more about it are in a separate post here.


Mariƫt said...

Very nice
The combination with the other tangles is fantastic!

ledenzer said...

What an interesting and gorgeous tile!

Sue Clark said...

Beautiful tile! I can't wait to try your new tangle, Arckles too.

ledenzer said...

What a wonderful display of beauty!

Shelly Beauch said...

Very swish!

Sue Sharp said...

I wanted to use dragonair with Fengle but it didn't work for me - It looks so great in your tile! Well done.

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