Saturday, August 6, 2022


Time Flies

Funny how life happens I didn't know at the time I created the last post that it would become the last post for almost 5 years. Nothing intentional about it just the way life morphed over time. Have lately thought about posting again - less about promotion (business is mostly closed), more about recording and organizing my on-going Zentangle and Pyrography work as well as some new things I've been exploring over the last several months. I've been experimenting with watercolor and pastels - definitely a stretch for me. I'm also enjoying classes in Contemplative Photography and this morning took a Haiku Poetry Class. If any previous followers find your way back here welcome nice to see you again and to any new folks glad you stopped by.

 Contemplative Photography Class Level I - Light

Haiku Poetry class today -

sweet primal wild woods
alive with spirit dancing
sky exhales soft winds

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JulesMack said...

On a whim I clicked this Bookmark and BAM after 5 years you were here again. ;)

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